sexta-feira, 25 de março de 2011

Full Tilt Million final table!

So ive been running pretty well in mtt's lately, I did final table the Full Tilt million this last sunday, got 8th place for 22k, lost a huge pot against Zackattak1327 pre final table, blind vs blind AJ vs AQ, he was playing very agressively so I think it was a good spot against his range. I took down the 30$ rebuy on Full Tilt for 7k at the beggining of the month, and today I took down the 55$ cubed on PokerStars for another 7.8k and  finally I won a 150$ cubed live event  couple of weeks ago for another 6.8k. I'm pretty happy about the way I've been playing and the way I'm approaching spots.
I haven't played much sng's lately to be honest, I've been kinda scared to play them due to the huge downswing I'm into, but I'm planning my way back in.

quinta-feira, 3 de março de 2011


So I took some days off to review my sngs hhs, and during the mean time i've played some mtts in the last two days. I am definetelly getting more consistent in them, ive been chipping up pretty nice and handling my stacks much better. So tuesday I got 8th place in the 6max 7.5k gua on Pstars, 9th place in the 10k gua turbo on Pstars and 7th place at the Big Double B on Ftilt. And yesterday I finally took down one, it was the 23.5K gua on Full Tilt for 7.1k. It was one the toughest heads up match i've ever had, and im really glad i took it down.

So tomorrow I'm heading down to Florianopolis where we have a beach house, its a 300km drive to south Brazil, usually takes 3 hours, but should take around 5 hours this time of the year cause we have Carnaval holidays starting by sunday. Although it is party time in Brazil, i think ill take this time to chill, review some more hhs, and make my comeback to sngs that i've took some time off due to the huge downswing. Im gonna post some pictures of the beach view for you guys.

terça-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2011

Bad run...

Sorry for the lack of posts, but ive been through a lot these days, im getting raped at the 12$ 180s, and I have no idea so far what is going on. What i know is that ive been losing sick pots at final tables which is costing me lots of money. I am taking some time off to review my game and bring back my confidence, i will also reduce the number of tables played simultaneously to a better reasoning. As far as MTTs, last sunday, I did final table the 12k super turbo rush on ftp but finished 6th. Got deep on the 27$ turbo on stars and lost a huge pot  for the chip lead with 18 ppl left, went all in pre with AK vs AQ 50bbs deep with a super aggro guy, and he floped trips to melt my tournament. Im pretty disapointed with my sng results this year so far, the 45s havent been going as i expected either so i guess this is the right time to stop and review everything ive been through, and try to take my mental state back to what it was few months back. So the good news is, im not giving up and for me it is like the old sayin "No pain, no gain!".

segunda-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2011

Sunday Brawl!

After long time grinding the majors on sunday, finally i scored again. This time i got 3rd place in the sunday brawl, this is the 3rd time i cash big in majors, and i have to say everytime it feels like the first one. I love the thrilling, to play for 12 hrs and still have to focus pretty hard at the final table because the payouts increase substancially. Im very satisfied about the way i played, and im definetelly gonna play some more mtts. I havent played much sngs this month, which gives me the impression that im not doing my job or making progress. My brother is going to be father in couple of months and he asked me to join him in a trip to Park City - Utah, so i decided to take a break from the grind and spend some time with him. Days here have been pretty nice, pretty much snowboarding everyday. Im gonna post some pictures pretty soon.

sexta-feira, 24 de dezembro de 2010


December has not been kind with me in terms of sngs, it was not the most profitable month for me since i started with pocarr, but i guess i cannot complain at all since i've made some profit. It certainly rose some doubts about my game, which i think its natural to someone when you suddendly start to lose. Im also disappointed at the volume i've put that wasn't good as november, which i'm behind 700 games comparing both monts, still got 5 days to go but i don't think i'll have much time to play since i have all my family here with me. Spending time away from the tables feels like im not making any progress and im wasting time. It almost feels like i dont deserve this vacation, which is understandable since i only started grinding on october. Anyway, its good to have this energy inside of me, i'm aiming to get supernova next year, and i'm still working on goals for next year.

terça-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2010

180s ...

The 180s almost had my head on tilt for life. I know its a bit harsh to say that, but it really got into me. The downswing was huge for me as i was playing 2$ 180s, before i was dealing with mostly 200$ swings, so the first days when i moved up were really hard on me, losing about 1.1k. Nothing  had seemed to hold, and whenever i was ahead I lost, and whenever i was behind it held. For most grinders this is a regular day or week, and im learning to deal with it. Anyway, i got myself out of the tables for a couple of days, studied the game pretty hard, and tried again and again until things started to feel normal.

Anyway, life is good, doing exactly what i wanted to do with it. Today was my brother's birthday, he turned 24 he is also graduating in business school this end of the year. Also my girlfriend is getting her med diploma. So a lot of parties coming along. Pretty excited about it.

terça-feira, 23 de novembro de 2010

Going back home!

I'm going to Italy on thursday, work on the passport process, and in two days hope to be back in Brazil. I can't wait to be back home, my apartment has been refurnished, it has new area constructed with a barbecue area and they've fixed some leaking issues as well. Also, my best friend is moving next door, his apartment is almost finished and he should be moving as soon as I get home. It will be so nice to have him next door, he plays poker too and owns a stock market company. He always tried to convince me to let him teach me about  stock market, at least now having him next door, we will have time to discuss a lot of things.

I didn't put as much volume as I wanted this month, played around 2.200 games so far, I know i can do much more than that, hopefully i will set some goals for next year, cause I will have a lot of stuff going on December. Getting pretty confident, results are showing up and I'm starting to deal with variance a lot better. Definitely one of the things i have to master is tilt control. I used to tilt a lot more before, and my game was gone with it, not that I don't tilt anymore, it just the way I deal with it nowadays. I just take deep breaths, and remember the times I run good, and think that day will eventually come again.